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Meet the AMP Marketing Team

AMP, a global financial services company, wants to grow its credit card business by 5% this year and is launching a brand new credit card. They want to launch a series of marketing campaigns to drive applications for the new card and meet the company's growth goal.
Let’s see how Aprimo—our integrated content operations platform—helps them plan, budget, and execute their strategic campaign.
Content Leader
Chief Marketing Officer
Agency Designer
Marketing Project Manager
Patrick – Content Leader

Patrick, the content leader on AMP’s marketing team starts the process by coordinating budgets with AMP’s finance teams. First, he builds out multiple scenarios for allocating and distributing the budget he has for the credit card launch campaign using Aprimo’s Budget Allocation.

Budget Allocation automatically distributes budgets, reviews, and approvals of budget submissions, scenario planning, and budget comparisons making budget review simple and quick.

Chloe – Chief Marketing Officer
Chloe, AMP’s CMO glances at budget allocations tied to the campaign and activities associated with those campaigns—all in one place.
Tom – Marketing Project Manager
The finance team has approved the launch campaign!
Now the work begins. Time to build out the many marketing activities—media buys, print and social campaigns, events—to introduce the new card and attract applicants. The workflows will be tied directly to corporate strategic objectives and linked to budget line items.
Tom – Marketing Project Manager
Tom had previously added the creatives on his team into the appropriate workflows, so Aprimo automatically executes those flows, assigning the right person to the right task at the right time, and notifying them that there’s a new project.
Tom adjusts due dates to fit AMP's marketing calendar, and tweaks a few more to make room for other projects he can see are due around the same time.
Dawn – Designer
Dawn, an AMP creative agency designer, sees that she has new tasks. She uses Aprimo to see everything she needs to know about the campaign—including an in-depth creative brief—to start assigning team resources to projects.
Dawn – Designer
But before her team creates any new materials, she browses the DAM for any existing content that can be repurposed for this campaign.
Dawn – Designer
Dawn adds the new project to her agile boards, easily keeping track of every task on her plate.
Patrick – Content Leader
Tom – Marketing Project Manager
As assets for the product launch are created, they’re sent on for internal reviews and approvals.​
Depending on the region, brand, seniority, and job roles that they occupy, each team member can have different visibility settings for the created content.​
Patrick and Tom, both reviewers on the project, can easily see every piece of content. They suggest a few changes for the designer to implement.​
Dawn – Designer
Dawn reviews the comments and makes changes directly in InDesign, never leaving the Aprimo environment while using the InDesign connector.
She sends two design options for Patrick and Tom to review again.
Patrick – Content Leader
Tom – Marketing Project Manager
With Aprimo’s side by side reviewing capability, Patrick and Tom can easily compare the two versions of the asset they’re reviewing.​
Dawn can pull approved disclaimer language that’s stored in DAM to ensure compliance.​
Any annotations and reviewed documents are stored and recorded in Aprimo DAM, along with links to disclosures or disclaimers used in promotional assets.​
Patrick – Content Leader
Tom – Marketing Project Manager
The next asset they review is a video promoting the new card.​
Patrick and Tom have a few suggestions. They drop their comments in at the appropriate time stamp, helping to make video review intuitive.​
Patrick – Content Leader
To ensure assets are compliant with regulations, Patrick has each asset reviewed through an automated compliance review engine connected to Aprimo. The AI reports that each asset clears compliance!
After a final, manual compliance review of each piece of content, the assets are good to go.​
Once a piece of content is finalized and approved by all stakeholders, Aprimo DAM distributes the approved materials into different channels, delivering a unified customer experience.
AMP can manage all the marketing materials in their campaigns in this way, organizing and displaying assets and promotional materials by brand and product line.
AMP’s internal compliance team needs to audit the credit card launch campaign.
Since Aprimo automatically tracks all transactions, the team can select only the information they want to include in the report for the regulatory agency.
Chloe – Chief Marketing Officer
As materials are pushed into market, Aprimo presents complete, in-depth metrics for AMP’s marketing leaders to review—including complete return on effort details about each piece of promotional material so corporate stakeholders can see that marketing efforts are contributing to growth.
The CMO can be confident that the field force is using the most up-to-date, approved content in every channel.

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