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Great news! AMP Pharmaceutical’s most successful drug—a blood pressure medication called iXron—is on-course to be approved by regulatory authorities for a new indication. AMP has given the green light for brand to start creating materials for the launch.
Let’s see how Aprimo—our integrated content operations platform—helps them create, manage, and share exceptional experiences with healthcare providers.
Agency Designer
Asset Owner
Chief Marketing Officer
Brand Manager
Brand Director
AMP's drug, iXron, needs a slate of marketing materials to support education about iXron's new indication.
Let’s see how the AMP team used Aprimo to manage the entire lifecycle of those content pieces, from repurposing existing iXron educational materials to concepting new materials and, finally, getting them in front of healthcare providers.
Briana – Brand Manager

Briana, AMP’s Brand Manager, submits a work request to get the ball rolling on educational material for iXron’s new indication.

Cassie – Brand Director
Before any work is done, the request is first approved by Cassie, the Brand Director. The Director uses Aprimo to glance at budget allocations tied to campaigns and all activities associated with those campaigns—all in one place.
Briana – Brand Manager
The project was approved!
Since Briana had previously added the creatives on her team into a workflow, Aprimo executes that flow, assigning the right person to the right task at the right time, and automatically notifies the agency that there’s a new project.
Dawn – Designer
Dawn, an AMP creative agency designer, sees that she has a new task. She uses Aprimo to see everything she needs to know about the project—including an in-depth creative brief—to get working.


Dawn – Designer
But before she creates any new materials, she browses the DAM for any existing content that can be repurposed for this project.
Dawn – Designer
Dawn adds the new project to her agile boards, easily keeping track of every task on her plate.
Morgan – Asset Owner
Cassie – Brand Director
As assets for the product launch are created, they’re sent on for internal reviews and approvals. 
Morgan, the team’s asset owner, and Cassie, the team’s Brand Director, can easily see every asset. They suggest a few changes for the designer to implement.
Dawn – Designer
Dawn reviews Morgan and Cassie’s edits and makes the changes in InDesign without leaving the Creative Cloud using the InDesign connector.​
She sends two design options for Morgan and Cassie to review again.​
Morgan – Asset owner
Cassie – Brand Director
With Aprimo’s side by side reviewing capability, Morgan and Cassie can easily compare the two versions of the asset. ​
Dawn can easily tag and link any claims made in the material to the relevant supporting reference materials that are stored in DAM ensuring compliance.​​
Aprimo automatically provides a clear audit trail for users to easily review where the data supporting a claim comes from.
Morgan – Asset Owner
Cassie – Brand Director
The next asset to review is a video about iXron.
Morgan and Cassie have a few suggestions. They drop their comments in at the appropriate time stamp, helping to make video review intuitive.
Medical Legal and Regulatory review is a requirement for all promotional materials.
Aprimo streamlines the process by automatically assigning the next review step to reviewers, either simultaneously or in parallel, as necessary. Aprimo takes the guesswork and manual decisions out of the MLR review process as it can be completely predefined. 
Using Aprimo’s built-in capability to automatically package content for submission to regulatory agencies, the AMP team is able to quickly prepare submission packages for the new promotional content.
This includes e-signatures with two-factor authentication that all meet legal requirements.​
The relevant regulatory body reviews the iXron promotional materials… and the assets are approved!
Aprimo automatically pushes final assets to the DAM, correctly classifying each asset and putting assets into the right classification by channel.
Chris – Chief Marketing Officer
As iXron materials are distributed to providers, Aprimo presents complete, in-depth metrics for AMP’s brand directors to review—including complete return on effort details about each piece of educational material.
Chris can be confident that the field force is using the most up-to-date, approved content in every channel.

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