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Meet the AMP marketing team.

Lily, Mark and Derek are launching the newest model of AMP’s bestselling line of noise-cancelling headphones.
Let's see how Aprimo DAM helps them do it.
Lily – Librarian
Lily, AMP’s digital asset librarian, creates a space in the Aprimo DAM where she uploads and tags all the content the team needs for the campaign.


Lily – Librarian
With multiple campaigns running, Lily uploads all kinds of assets, like user guides, product shots, video, even 3D models.
She uses Aprimo AI to automatically tag and categorize every asset so that each one is easy to find using search.


Mark – Marketer
Mark, AMP’s marketer, is prepping for the Chicago launch event. He needs Derek to update an asset in the Aprimo DAM with the relevant details.
Mark searches for the asset in Aprimo DAM, finds it, then directly assigns Derek a task from the asset.


Derek – Designer
Derek sees the task Mark assigned to him in his inbox.
Since the Aprimo DAM connects with Adobe Creative Cloud, Derek easily pulls the asset from the project into his workspace, makes the changes, then uploads the file as a new version. All without leaving his design tools.
Derek closes the task, which sends it back over to Mark for review.


Mark – Marketer
Mark gets a notification: the assets are ready for review! Right from Aprimo DAM, he marks up the assets, showing where they need a few more tweaks.
But wait… Oh no! Mark just got a message that a product in the new line won’t be ready in time and needs to be pulled from all the marketing materials.
He adds a note to Derek in his review. He approves some of the assets but sends one back to Derek for him to take another look.


Derek – Designer
Despite working off-site, Derek can easily access assets and search for a new, approved product shot to replace the nixed product on the event flier.
Once he replaces the image using the Creative Cloud Connector, he checks the image back into the Aprimo DAM as a new version. It goes back to Mark for approval.
He approved it!


Mark – Marketer

With all the campaign assets created and approved, Mark kicks off a content workflow to make sure everyone has what they need when they need it so the campaign launches on time.

In the Aprimo DAM, managers can get the content they need, optimized for the channels they own.
Derek’s smiling because he doesn’t have to make multiple versions of the same image ever again!


Mark – Marketer
Aprimo DAM works with any web-based CMS. So, just like Derek and his Adobe Creative Cloud, Mark can use the Episerver UI to search for the best content to use on AMP’s website.
To make Mark’s life easier, only final, approved-for-web content is visible.


Mark – Marketer
Once the content goes live, Mark gets engagement updates in real time.
And with his interactive dashboards, Mark can go deep into engagement metrics to make his customer engagement strategy the best it can be.


Aprimo DAM is simple, intuitive, and helpful.

With Aprimo DAM, your team will do what they do—better!

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